Smart Lighting Solutions

Create Moods And Reduce Energy Consumption With Smart Lighting Systems

Our smart home lighting solutions can help you create different moods around the home and cut your energy bills. We can install motion sensors that turn lights on or off when you enter or leave a room.

Using a central console, you can set times for opening or closing shades or turning lights on and off. By controlling this remotely, you can increase security if you are away from home.

Our smart lighting technicians are fully trained by manufacturers such as Lutron, one of the world’s leading lighting automation suppliers.

We can design and install all necessary intelligent lighting control equipment and networks, and integrate the system with your central smart controller.

Make Your Lighting Smart and Do More

BroadConnect Smart Automation uses a variety of smart devices that make your home and office lighting multi-dimensional. Some of these devices are:

  • Smart Light Bulbs
  • WiFi enabled Smart Light Switches
  • Smart LED Lights
  • Smart Night Lights
  • Smart Outdoor and Patio Lighting
  • Smart Emergency Lights
  • Smart Light Bulbs WiFi Enabled

The best part is that they are programmed to be energy-efficient and the smart home system runs on your smartphone.

Designed, Installed, Integrated and Maintained by Experts


Design and specification of automation and control systems and networks for lighting and shading.


Installation, set up and testing of all components, networks and controls.


Integration of lighting and shading automation systems with motion sensors and control panels.


Scheduled servicing, health checks, upgrades and repairs.

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