Smart Home Network

by Broad-Connect Smart Automation

Smart Home Networking
Fast, Secure Internet Access

Experienced network specialists can design and install a wireless network that will ensure reliable, secure high-speed Internet access in any part of the house.

Our design will include recommendations for browsers and any equipment needed to extend coverage to areas where access is difficult.

The network can be customized to support casual Internet browsing, intensive downloads, streaming or gaming, or the requirements of a home office.

If you are also planning home automation and audio or video distribution, we can design and build a single network with the technical features to support the right level of performance for each of those services with a home automation server.

We can also extend or upgrade your existing network and set up an effective connection to your Internet service provider.

Designed, Installed, Integrated and Maintained by Experts


Design and specification of wireless network and access equipment.


Installation and set up of wireless network, routers and access points.


Integration of network with browsers, access points and other internal networks.


Scheduled servicing, healthchecks, upgrades and repairs.

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