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With a home automation installation service, you can control all of your smart devices from an easy-to-use smart hub or an online app. As well as simplifying control in the home, our smart home solutions let you monitor and manage your automated services from any location.

BroadConnect is Toronto’s best home automation companies and provides smart home and security solutions that are convenient, flexible and accessible to give you control and peace of mind, even if you’re away from home or on vacation.

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Smart Home Control

Smart control panels automatically bring to life the basic functions of your Smart Home, even remotely. A system of networked devices work together to keep your home comfortable, efficient, customized, and secure. Choose an interface that suits your lifestyle, or control everything with nothing but your voice.

Smart Thermostat

A programmable smart thermostat can lower heating and cooling costs while maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout your home by analysing your habits over time. By heating or cooling your home only when it is necessary, you can lower your energy consumption and ultimately your carbon footprint.

Smart Shades

Smart Shades will make a dramatic impact in your home. By turning your regular shades into automated window shades you can maintain internal temperature or light levels.

They are compatible with all smart devices and work with any type of window treatment.

Audio Streaming

Using our networking skills, we can stream audio to any room in your smart home so you can enjoy the same high-quality sounds anywhere. We can also integrate audio controls with your smart home automation system so you can control audio distribution and volume from your smart home hub or mobile app.

Video Distribution

Distributing video around the smart home requires specialist network systems capable of carrying the video signal. The system will be designed and installed to ensure you enjoy the same high-quality video experience in the rooms of your choice. We can also integrate this smart home solution with your favorite video sources.

Home Theater

Our experts can install and integrate home theatre equipment for a large, dedicated room or any size family room in your smart home. Using smart home technology, we can also integrate your home theatre system with other audio equipment and content sources to ensure the best possible viewing experience.

Smart Lighting

Our smart home lighting solutions can help you create different moods around the home. And, they’re an integral part of smart home energy solutions. Smart motion sensors turn lights on or off when you enter or leave a room and the lights can be turned on and off remotely using a simple and intuitive smartphone app.

Home Network

Our network specialists design and install a wireless network that will ensure reliable, secure high-speed Internet access in any part of the house. The network can be customized to support casual Internet browsing, intensive downloads, streaming or gaming, or the requirements of a home office, as well as smart home automation solutions.

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Toronto Home Automation FAQs

What is smart home technology?

This form of technology allows homeowners to connect all of the systems in their home together, which provides instant access to them, whether they are at home or are on vacation enjoying the beach on a different continent. Broad-Connect Smart Automation has the ability to integrate all of the systems in your house: TV, networking, audio, green home technology, climate control, surveillance and security, motorized shades, lighting and even your outside entertainment and landscape lighting.

Does my entire house need to be made smart?

No. The smart home system that we offer is completely scalable. If you would like to start out small, maybe have an easy-to-use TV and surround system in the family room and have background music in a couple of rooms, we can easily do this. Then, later on, you can always add on whatever extras you need or want, since the brains have already been installed on your smart home system.

When is a new home wired for smart home technology?

We can implement a completely hard-wired smart home system in new construction, additions to an older building or renovations. We plan everything before any walls are built. Our technicians work along with the electricians in the new construction phase.

What types of smart home technology system installations do you do?

Here at Broad-Connect Smart Automation, we always use the leading smart home technology system brands. No matter how your system is connected, or what kind of system you select, just about everything in your business or home can be controlled: cameras, temperature, lights, and much more, whether you are on the go, in the office or at home.

What areas does Broad-Connect Smart Automation serve?

We are based in Concord, Ontario. Most of Broad-Connect Smart Automation’s clients are in the Greater Toronto area. We provide smart home consulting, design and installation services in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Markham, Milton, Vaughan, Oakville, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill, Aurora, and Newmarket.

Is it complicated to use the smart home system?

No, not at all. Although it is true that your home will be very high-tech, your life will be much more secure and streamlined. You can control everything from a smartphone, tablet, hand-held remote or wall-mounted keypad, with all tasks labeled that you can achieve with just a touch of a button.

Will holes need to be punched in my house in order to install your smart home technology or audio-video system?

The most reliable type of connection for your home automation, video or audio system is always hard-wired. Therefore, we do make every effort to have wires run through your workplace of home – but usually, we do that without having to make any holes. If we do end up needing to make a small hole in a ceiling or wall we will always ask you before doing so. In some situations, we might use wireless devices instead. It is easier to install them and they ultimately become part of your entire home automation system.

How can smart home technology benefit me?

We refer to the high-tech home automation systems that we install as digital butlers. They work tirelessly on a 24/7 basis so that every system in your business or home is integrated: surveillance, security, lighting, entertainment, drapes and motorized shades, and even outside security and lights. Your life will definitely be much more high-tech, but also much safer and streamlined.

How long does installing smart home technology take?

In most situations, an installation will take one to three weeks, although it can take longer on some projects. However, you will become our client for life, so anytime you have any questions about how to use your system, we are there. That makes us very unique in the business. Our job is not done until our clients understand all aspects of their system.

Why should I hire Broad-Connect Smart Automation?

We take the time to thoroughly get to know our clients and what their unique needs and wants are, which means you won’t ever get a cookie-cutter tech integration plan from us for your workplace or home. All of our designs are distinctive and custom. Our team will be there for you throughout the entire process, starting with the initial meeting at your business or home, and all through the design and installation processes, and then after installation as well.

You will be our client for life. So if you ever have any questions regarding the system that we installed for you, we will be there with answers for you. We will be there if your system ever needs any maintenance. If you would like to addon a system, that is very easy to do since all of the systems that we install are completely scalable. No mixed signals. No misunderstandings.

We treat every home the same way that we would treat our very own homes. We are extremely neat and organized.