Smart Automation Solutions for Your Business and Home

If you’re planning automation and entertainment systems throughout your home, make sure they are designed, installed and integrated by experts.

That way, you can be confident that your automation system puts you in complete control and saves you money. And, you’ll be able to enjoy the same high-quality audio, video and Internet access anywhere in your home.

BroadConnect Smart Automation has years of experience in networking, advanced automation technology and integration. We’re authorized by leading home automation brands like Crestron, Lutron and Elan, and work to industry-leading quality standards.

With a complete service from smart design, through clean fast installation, integration and maintenance from one source, you can forget about the technology and make the most of your intelligent home and office.

Get Your Home Under Control

Home Control

Smart automation control to access all your lighting, temperature, security and entertainment systems.

Home Networking

Fast, reliable wireless networks for great Internet access anywhere in the home.

Lighting & Shading Control

Control and automate your lighting and shading centrally to improve convenience, increase security and cut energy bills.

Get the Best from Your Entertainment Systems

Audio Streaming

Enjoy your favorite music anywhere in the home with the same high-quality audio performance.

Video Streaming

Watch videos and television where and when you want to, with no loss of quality.

Home Theater

Enjoy the full cinema experience with fully integrated high-quality audio.

Designed, Installed, Integrated and Maintained by Experts


We take your ideas and turn them into practical, cost-effective reality.


Fast, clean,
hassle-free installation by trained experts.


Smart integration to simplify access and control, and enhance performance.


We’ll keep your networks and systems in top condition.

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Toronto Home and Business Smart Automation FAQs

Is The Smart System Difficult To Use?

No, the system is not difficult to use at all.

It is made for those who want to simplify things and make sure everything is as high-tech as possible at the same time. The goal of the technology is to simplify details and automate as much as possible to better your life. All it takes is something as simple as a smartphone, tablet, remote, or a keypad. These tools are able to offer a one-touch option for anyone that is looking to maximise their system. Whether it is locking the doors or being able to turn on the security system, it all comes down to a simple setting that works. It is all about saving energy and still being able to get more out of the technology without wasting time.

Does The Entire Property Have To Be Under The Smart System?

The smart system is not going to restrict how much or how little you can use it. If the goal is to have a simple surround sound system put in then that is what it will help with. If the goal is to work with the entire house then it can do that too. It is all about being able to pick and choose details, which this system is going to do well. For those who want to expand later on, this can be done too!

How Is Smart Home Technology Beneficial?

These home automation systems are ideal for those who want a 24/7 solution that is going to integrate seamlessly. It is about being able to control the surveillance, lighting, appliances, motorised shades, and entertainment without thinking twice. It is all about gaining control over the technology in your space and doing it in an easy manner.

What is BroadConnect's Service Area?

Our certified team of professionals who have worked in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area on for years with clients of all sizes. We provide smart automation consulting, design and installation services in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Markham, Milton, Vaughan, Oakville, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill, Aurora and Newmarket.

The team is dedicated, professional, and will offer great results.

Does Smart Technology Have A Role In Businesses?

Yes, it does.

In general, some of the world’s largest Fortune 500 companies along with numerous small businesses realise the value of this technology and how well it works. The systems are customised to work well with what the business is hoping to get and ensures everything functions seamlessly. This enables the business owner to focus on their business without needing to think about the technology itself.

The commercial automation services include things such as audio integration, conference systems, security, surveillance, smart TVs, and even motorised shades. All of these details are integrated into the setup ensuring the system works well around the clock using one interface.

Will There Be Holes Drilled Into My Property For The Smart System To Work?

All connections are going to be hard-wired since that is the most reliable option but this doesn’t require holes in the walls. Sometimes it can be done without a single hole getting drilled. It is all about optimising the property and using small openings that are in line with your needs. In most cases, wireless devices are going to be used for the task. In the end, these are easier to manage and offer a great automated solution at the same time.

How Long Is The Installation Process?

The installation process will require 1-3 weeks depending on the size of the property and how many rooms are being done. Everything will be done to ensure the transition is smooth and well-integrated. Our vision is to help clients understand their system inside and out before moving forward.

What Smart Automation Systems are Installed?

The brands are hand-picked by our technicians to streamline the solution and make sure it is connected seamlessly. The system is going to help control everything whether it is the cameras, temperature, lights, or more. See a list of the solutions we provide to learn more.